Welcome to the fields of QUALITY FARMS. Your first stop for all your poultry pleasure. Our flocks are raised in Kelowna B.C.

QF poultry enjoys newly planted grass, fresh produce from local grocery stores, and like to scratch for bugs and grit. In the summer they’re favorite thing to do is bathe under the shelter of a Scotch Pine.

The pen has a constant supply of fresh shavings, an open air design to allow for maximum natural air flow.

*Our chicken range in weights of 4-9 lbs. *Turkey range in weights of 15-28 lbs. *Our table eggs are sold as “non-graded”, and fertilized eggs are sold fresh to maximize hatchability.

Offering and supporting backyard farms is our top priority Quality Farms is please to offer Quality Farms Coops.

Quality Farms is Proud to be a dealer for Brinsea Incubation.

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