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Watch your eggs hatch every time!!

At Quality Farms, we take pride in bringing you the best experience when it comes to chick hatching. Maybe you are a teacher, showing your students examples of life cycles, or an event organizer, looking to provide an adorable activity for your retirement home. Maybe you are a caring friend, hoping to find a special birthday present, Maybe you just want to start your own flock and learn all about chickens in the process! For these purposes and SO many more, our Hatch-A-Chick program is for you. 

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Events at The Purple Pear @ TELUS World of Science - Edmonton in Edmonton,  AB by Yaymaker    Canuck Place Children's Hospice

How it Works

Our knowledgeable staff will set up the equipment and place the eggs in the hatcher taking time to explain everything you need to know, but don’t worry if you can’t remember it all, an in depth information manual can be found on our website, re-iterating all the important points and much more! For all you expectant mother hens, we are only a phone call away a Hatch-A-Chick team member is available 7 days a week.


Every moment can be observed through our 360 degree, high visibility hatcher. So you won’t miss a thing! The Incubator provides automatic egg turning by rotating egg disk with autostop 2 days prior to hatching. Countdown to date-of-hatch and temperature alarms on its digital display so you always know the status of your hatch.

The chicks take 21 days to develop. Ask about our HatchVerified Program!

Once the 21 days is up, gather all your friends and family, to watch the amazing experience and the successful hatch of your chicks.

Once dry and fluffy, the chicks are transferred to our brooder box. We provide a heat lamp, bedding, food and drinker. Everything the chicks need.

You can now enjoy watching the chicks and their antics. They grow and change quickly over the next few days, and can become very tame. You’ll see their personalities and characters develop. Which one will be your favorite?

Keep the chicks for up to 7 days and we’ll be by to pick them up and bring them back to the farm, so they can be reunited with their flock.

Hatch-A-Chick experience includes:

  • 7 egg Incubator (about the size of a basketball)
  • 7 Fertilized chicken eggs
  • “The Egg Story Lesson Plan” includes important facts about eggs and chicks.
  • Candler
  • Brooder box
  • Chick feed
  • Drinker

Keep the chicks for up to 5 days (fuel surcharge may apply outside Kelowna, BC)
Pick up and delivery

We offer an aftercare support service via telephone. We are ‘happy to help’ with your queries whatever the age of your chicken. We never tire of talking about chickens!!!


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David came to setup the incubator in late June and by mid-July we had chicks! The families at the library loved checking the eggs each visit and watching the chicks hatch. We let the public suggest names for the chicks. David ensured that we were well informed and prepared throughout the four weeks. Here is a blog entry with photos about the Library Chicks:

Ashley Machum

Youth Services Librarian, Kelowna Branch

Our family’s experience hatching chicks has been such a wonderful learning experience for us in many ways. Besides learning first hand how the embryos develop, the life cycle of chickens, and how to care for chicks, we were able to witness the wonder and beauty of seeing six animals being born, which many people do not get to experience!

The whole “Hatch-a-Chick Educational Program” is so well organized that hatching up to seven chicks in a house was very straightforward. All the equipment and information needed is provided, and David is always a phone call or visit away to answer any questions.

We a very grateful there is educational program like this in our community!

Blaine, Sue, Keaton and Emerson

We had the opportunity to be part of his Quality Farms Chicken Hatchery program. We were very impressed with his professionalism, punctuality and knowledge. David came into our daycare at the University of British Columbia, Kelowna Campus to show the children the baby chicks and explain the hatchery experience. The children enjoyed this very much as well as the staff. He was well organized and came with enough information for the staff to be prepared for the chickens.

His communication was clear and he was open to all the questions we had. I found him to be very educated and professional when it came to helping us. David was prompt to email me back and set up a time to come up to our centre.

I believe this is a great way to teach and involve the children and staff. His expertise and ability to explain this process with a large group of 1 ½ – 5 year olds is not an easy task and he did well. I think that this is an incredible learning experience for the children and think this could be used in many different environments with all ages.

I would definitely recommend David to other centers and schools.

Diana Forbes

3-5 Supervisors, University Children’s Learning Centre

Antibiotic Free!

QF Poultry is free of antibiotics, follow this like to find out why this is important for you!    CBC Video Here   PDF Here


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